Alpine skiers and mountaineers are a unique type of athlete that requires a combination of strength and power endurance but also ability to react quickly  and absorb higher levels of force.

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Outcome Goals:

1 – Injury prevention, specifically soft tissue knee injuries

2 – Power and balance in fundamental skiing positions

3 – Strength and power endurance

The Performance Skiing program is broken down into three areas of focus: mobility, strength and conditioning.


The mobility training days are designed to develop mobility at the joint level, with special attention given to improving recovery from the eccentric strength component of alpine skiing. This focus not only improves performance, but reduces the imbalances generally associated with skiing regularly.

  • Improved hip and knee range of motion
  • Ankle mobility and durability
  • Prevention of knee and soft tissue injuries

The strength component of Performance Skiing is designed to improve strength endurance for long days on the hill and power to provide athletes with both areas of strength required to excel on the snow. The most critical areas of strength are in the hips, quadriceps and core.

  • Improved force absorption and landing mechanics
  • Core strength and endurance
  • Strengthening of muscles surrounding the knee and hip

The Performance Skiing program includes guidelines for incorporating a mixed-modal aerobic endurance approach to ensure that athletes ascend just as efficiently as they descend. Ski touring athletes are often required to maintain aerobic outputs for longer duration than most athletes, therefore they require a thorough conditioning component within their programming.

  • Aerobic endurance training
  • Mixed-modality training
  • Proper technique for Rower, Stationary Bike, Treadmill, Ski Erg, Outdoor Cycling, and Running



all THE programs


The Fundamentals program is best utilized as an 8 week preparation phase for one of the performance programs or as a standalone program for general athletic development.

This program captures the needs of any athlete, at any phase of their training schedule. The intention is to develop the strongest possible foundation, which can be then built upon. The Fundamentals program addresses common areas of weakness, imbalances, and movements that reduce athletic performance. In turn, this sets athletes in the right direction from the outset and allows them to achieve their full athletic potential if they choose to pursue sport specific training.

This comprehensive plan takes a detailed look at the deepest layers of human movement and function by providing tutorials and exercises on essential topics such as breathing mechanics, core function and training, proper movement patterns and basic energy system training. The tutorials will provide simple, applicable changes that can be incorporated into daily life or existing training and will optimize any athletic routines or behaviors.


High performance cyclists require a unique blend of athletic abilities. Cyclists, particularly mountain bikers, require outstanding isometric and eccentric strength to maintain proper body position while riding. Our long-time experience working with elite athletes has allowed us to develop the most robust solution for any rider.


Climbers are one of the rare forms of athletes where more mobility is always better as long as that is coupled with strength and control. Climbing requires strength through full ranges of motion and often at awkward angles.

The performance climbing program focuses on building strength and mobility through the upper back and ribcage, scapular control and strength at the very outer edges of joint ranges of motion


Running may seem simple, but running well and running for life requires a thoughtful approach. Running is a repetitive motion, therefore small changes to improve gait mechanics made through deliberate strength and mobility training can pay dividends, by both improving running performance and also by minimizing the injuries commonly associated with running.


Alpine skiers and mountaineers are a unique type of athlete that requires a combination of strength and power endurance but also ability to react quickly  and absorb higher levels of force.


Regardless of your athletic pursuits, deliberate restorative and recovery sessions not only allow athletes to return to training and sports sooner, but it prevents injuries and maintains efficient movement patterns. Restore programs ensure more sustainable improvement and increased performance.

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